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1+1 Automatic Change Over

RFE Broadcast RF Switch solution is available in 1+1 or N+1 version.

The RF redundancy switching system monitors the ‘health’ of the protected units and, in case of an alarm, copies the failed unit’s configuration to the redundant unit and automatically replaces the faulty unit’s functions with the spare (+1) unit.

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Main features

  • 1+1 Automatic change over RF and audio
  • Control power from 100W to 60kW
  • Compatible with all RF Coaxial Switches
  • Large LCD color graphic display with touch control
  • Web Server
  • Remote Control
High Performance

1+1 Automatic Change Over RF Switch is provided with RFE High Performance technologies, paying great attention to efficiency, sustainability and ease of use.

OPTIONS: SNMP v1, SNMP v2C, Remote Control through mobile APP (iOS/Android)

Evolution Touch
Evolution Touch
Full Audio Interface
Full Audio Interface
Mobile Remote Control
Mobile Remote Control

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