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DS20kW FM Transmitter

DS20kW FM Transmitter

Available with RF nominal power of 22500W.

The High Power 20 kW FM Transmitter combines a very compact size (38” RU) with RFE most innovative technologies in terms of efficiency, costs and maintenance. A reliable solution, performing ease of use, high reliability and simple control.

The standard configuration includes various features, while many others are available on request.


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Main features

  • Highest overall efficiency ≥73%
  • Nominal RF power 22500W
  • UAQ Ultimate Audio Quality
  • Front Panel Hot-Swap power supplies
  • High stereo performance typ. 60 dB
  • Remote Control through mobile APP
  • Web TCP/IP
  • 6th LD-MOS generation VSWR 65:1
  • Large LCD color display with touch panel
  • CCIR & FCC compliant

COSMIC™ Audio Processor

COSMIC™ is the new audio processor made by RFE.

COSMIC™ uses DSP microprocessor in order to obtain a new level of audio quality. DSP is a special microprocessor used in many different audio applications to execute complex algorithms.

The DSP microprocessor allows the digital processing of the audio signal. This means higher audio quality and less distortion.

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Our Technology

Maximized Efficiency System

MES system regulates the power devices working point, giving better performance.
Maximized Efficiency System
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Ultimate Audio

UAQ technology improves the audio quality, obtaining innovative sound characteristics.
Ultimate Audio<br>Quality
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Intelligent Air Cooling System

ICS system regulates the amount of cooling air used by the transmitter, reducing energy waste.
Intelligent Air Cooling System
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High Performance

DS20kW FM Transmitter is provided with RFE High Performance technologies, paying great attention to efficiency, sustainability and ease of use.

OPTION: DDS Direct Digital Synthesis, AES/EBU Audio Input, RDS/RBDS coder, SNMP V2-V3 remote control, OIRT and JPN version, Audio Over IP, Liquid cooled, Hot Plug RF Amplifier, GPS Telemetry, SFN Reference, Deep Tropicalization

Evolution Touch
Evolution Touch
Software Energy Saving
Software Energy Saving
Full Audio Interface
Full Audio Interface
Mobile Remote Control
Mobile Remote Control

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If you wish to know more about this product and its technical features, do not hesitate to contact us! Please fill the form or send an email to [email protected]

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